Beaches can be found in and around Paleochora for a great many.

Some smaller, quieter beaches (Psilovolakas, Karavopetra and Plakaki) can be found east of Paleochora, on the way to Grammeno and Krios Beach.

Sandy Beach, Pachia Ammos Beach, N.Y.

Beautiful, wide sandy beach at the edge of the stand on the west side in the village. He doesn’t seem overrun even in peak season.


Gianiskari Beaches (Anidri-Beach)

The beach is directly accessible from the house via a nice hike through the Anidri Gorge (45-60 minutes). By car, you can reach Anidri Beach, in about 15 minutes, via a bumpy yet easily accessible coastal road.

There are two beaches, a rocky stone beach and a sandy beach.

Jorgos and his family manage a larger kiosk on the sandy beach. At the eastern end of this beach is a nudist area. This is also where the hike to Lissos on the E4 starts.


Grammeno Beach

4km west of Paleochora.


Krios Beach

10km west of Paleochora, towards Kondoura, at the end of the beach, the E4 leads towards Elafonisi.