Excursions and hikes

Although Paleochora is located in the far southwest of Crete, the place is a good starting point for various excursions. With a good ferry service from Paleochora, you can easily explore part of the south coast. Boat tours are offered, for example, to Agia Roumeli at the exit of the famous Samaria Gorge and Loutro, as well as to the small island of Gavdos, which is located off Crete.


A small village in the mountains, 9km northeast of Paleochora. Wild herbs, old olive trees, small waterfalls and impressive caves, an old monastery that now houses a museum and “Luckys” Café Alpha are the highlights. The cave of the 99 dads can still be visited today, on their own or accompanied by local pilgrims.

Arrival by your own car or hike from Anidri to Azogires (about 2 hours).


Lissos was an ancient city. Located between Paleochora and Sougia. It is located in a small valley surrounded by rocky hills. In Lissos there is still an old temple complex, with a well-preserved mosaic floor. The temple was dedicated in the early days to the goddess Artemis and later Asklepios. Lissos is still known today for its healing source.


Return to Lissos

Hike on foot: Starting from Anidri Beach following the E4 towards Sougia. The long, beautiful hike along the coast takes between 2 and 4 hours, depending on your condition. In high summer it is very hot, the hike is predominantly on sunny paths.


Ferry and hike: In the early morning take the ferry from Paleochora to Sougia, behind the harbour begins the “old healing path,” after about 1.5 hours you reach Lissos. The descent into the valley is very steep, but easy to walk.


Ferry and boat: In the early morning, take the ferry from Paleochora to Sougia, then take Yannis Lissos boat to Lissos in about 15-20 minutes. Yanni drives Sougia-Lissos and back at regular times. It can also be found by telephone if you missed the official boat.


Return from Lissos to Paleochora

The short way back (1.5 hours) to Sougia is recommended, before taking the evening ferry (6.15 pm) to Paleochora.



Known as one of the dream beaches in the world. With its pink sand, turquoise, crystal clear waters, it has a hint of Caribbean. In high season, the beach is completely crowded. A short hike along the lagoon is worthwhile, because they will also find some secluded places in high season.

A favorable starting point is Krios Beach, from where there is a well-walkable section of the E4 coastal hiking trail to Elafonissi. For some places, step security is required. In just under 11km with 240 metres of altitude, you can reach the famous Elafonissi beach in 3-4 hours. At 4pm, a bus from Elafonissi goes back to Paleochora.

A bus departs daily at 10am in the high season to Elafonisi and return to 4pm. Travel time is about 90 minutes.


The island of Gavdos is the southernmost point of Europe and is located in the Lybian Sea, just before Africa. Emerald sandy beaches, pine and juniper forests and beautiful coasts.

Only a few residents live on the island all year round. The peak season is in July and August. Crowds of tents can then be found at Agiannis Beach, which was once awarded the second most beautiful beach in the world.

Radio Crete writes: “Gavdos is also a wonderful destination for individualists, every Menge Time co-bringer, old, new, ex-and no one who desperately needs luxury or the” normality “customary from the homeland.”


There are only a few accommodation on the island that should be booked on time. The journey is not easy, as the ferry from Paleochora can only travel in favorable weather.


Loutro is a small port town near Horas Sfakion. The special feature is that there are no roads here, so there are no cars. The place is only accessible by ferry from paleochora or on foot.

Other destinations

Prophet Elias

Short hike from the house, about 45-60min. (Simple). The hike steeply upwards ends at a small chapel with fantastic views of the mountains and the sea. The chapel can be seen on the mountain from the house. Although the path looks very steep, it is easily walkable.


Sophia Cave

Beautiful cave, located just off the road from Paleochora to Elafonissi and Kissamos. Well suited as a short rest on a trip from Paleochora to Elafonissi.

Samaria Gorge

The most famous and longest gorge in Crete, 17km long. Beautiful but sometimes very strenuous hike. Not suitable for people with physical impairments. The descent is about 1200 meters of altitude.

In the high season, a bus runs daily at 6.15am to Omalos, to the entrance of the trek through the Samaria Gorge. They arrive in Agia Roumeli and take the ferry back to Paleochora in the evening.

The day trip can be booked through the travel agency.


Agia Irini Gorge

Good alternative to Samaria Gorge. Unlike the more familiar canyon, there are often few people on the road here. The walk is 7-8 miles long, often shady, challenging, so not a walk. The descent is about 500 meters of altitude. The entrance is above the village of Agia Irini, on the way to Sougia.

Cave Polifimos near Sougia

A circular trail with a wonderful view to the home of the one-eyed cyclops, starting from Sougia.

After the ascent to the cyclopean cave, a high-level path leads up to the mountain village of Koustogerako.

From the tavern Galini in Sougia follow the E4 in the direction of Cape Tripiti. On a beautiful coastal path, which climbs in 40 minutes.
At a junction, continue towards Polifimos on the blue and white marked path. At a signposted fork on the left you will find the Polifimos Cave after 100 m.

Agios Pavlos

From Paleochora take the ferry to Agia Roumeli (via Sougia)

Agios Pavlos is located between Triopetra and Agia Galini.

From Agia Roumeli walk on the E4 towards Loutro to Agios Pavlos, about one hour. You will find a beach with emerald green water and the chapel of Agios Pavlos. 

Chapel Anidri

The Chapel of St. George and St. Nicholas is located near the tavern “Sto Skolio” (Old School) in Anidri.

The paintings on the walls and ceiling are from 1323.

Ferry rides

In the port of Paleochora, ferries depart for Sougia, Ag. Roumeli, Loutro, Chora Sfakion and Gavdos. Please always check with a local tour operator no later than 1 hour before departure, as there can often be changes in the timetable due to weather conditions.

Timetables can be viewed at ANENDYK LINES:

Chania office: + 30 28210 95512, Ag. Roumeli: + 30 28250 91251, Sfakion: + 30 28250 91221