Honoring the World – the Sacred Female

Nature experience and trance work in places of the goddess ARTEMIS

We hike on the first day to the heart bay of ARTEMIS “Ancient Viena.” This is the place that, through its energy, helps us awake for our own sacred female space. Choose what makes your heart, your thinking and your life bigger! Day 2 we hike to the ancient Lissos Valley, an ancient Asklepios sanctuary, the cult site of the goddess ARTEMIS. Through healing sleep, vision, breathing and trance work, we deepen what makes you grow and what makes you dance. We spend two nights under the 100.000.000-star tent. They are days of silence so you can listen to your inner voice. Thursday we hike back and end Friday with the ritual of mirroring. A journey that strengthens your self-confidence and warms you through the reconnection with nature and the Holy Feminine. We are housed in the beautifully situated Metacom seminar house on the southwest coast.

Ellen Tarnow
Assistant: Marion Kampmann


to cost:
€ 550.00 plus accommodation
€ 25.-/day/person in large double rooms

See www.meta-com.de
On and from departure, you have to organise yourself. (Flights directly to Chania). Please request registration form separately. More information and registration here

The holiday home KretaAuszeit is already fully booked for this week.