Crete is a beautiful island, with many beautiful beaches, experienced hikes, impressive sights and special destinations.

Why should you have been to Paleochora at least once?

3 good reasons to go on holiday in this place.


  1. Beautiful beaches

Of course there are many beautiful beaches on Crete. For me, Paleochora is home to the most beautiful among the beautiful. Around 16 beaches can be found in the vicinity of Paleochora. One of them right on the west side of the place. The most beautiful beaches are a little outside of Paleochora. They are officially called Gianiskari Beaches, but the better known name is Anidri Beach.

Crystal clear water that shines in the bay between rocks as turquoise as one would attribute it to the Caribbean. A wide view over the azure horizon, and in the background steep and quietly resting the mountains. This is a good way to relax.

The Gianiskari Beaches can be reached directly from Anidri in 60 minutes via a beautiful hike, rather a hiking walk, through the Anidri Gorge. They do not appear overcrowded even in high season, which may be due to the access road. By car you reach the Gianiskari Beaches from Paleochora in approx. 15 minutes, via a bumpy and nevertheless well drivable coastal road.

There are two beaches, a rocky stone beach and a sandy beach. Jorgos and his family manage a larger kiosk on the sandy beach. At the eastern end of this beach is a nudist area. This is also where the hike to Lissos starts.

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  1. Cretan cuisine

People in Crete are supposed to live longer than others on average due to their healthy diet. This was described in a scientific study from the 1960s. The study showed that Cretans showed the lowest values for heart disease or other chronic diseases. There’s even a “Crete diet program”.

Even if sometimes in tourist taverns the guests are served an often hardly more typical Cretan kitchen, there are still many family-taverns everywhere on Crete. And especially in Paleochora and Anidri.

An authentic Cretan cuisine offers dishes prepared with fresh, home-picked products. Herbs collected in the mountains, tomatoes, vegetables and olive oil from the own cultivation, cheese and meat of a local shepherd or freshly caught fish of a fisherman from the proximity. Like many things in Crete, especially the cuisine is simple, but extremely delicious and healthy. And if there is not always everything, it is a sign of freshness and quality of a tavern.

One of the best taverns in Paleochora for me is not in the village itself, but in the mountain village of Anidri, a few kilometres away. In a beautiful small garden, under a 300 year old olive tree and with a phenomenal view of the Libyan sea, lies the tavern “Old School” (Sto Scolio). The cosy Kafénion (café and tavern) of Simone and Christo always offers freshly prepared Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine, fresh herbs, vegetables from our own garden and olive oil.

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  1. Starting point for hikes and excursions

Paleochora is a good starting point for various excursions, walks and hikes. With the good ferry connection you can easily explore part of the south coast. Boat trips are offered to Agia Roumeli, at the exit of the famous Samaria Gorge and to Loutro, as well as to the small island of Gavdos off Crete. In the travel agency in Paleochora, directly at the port, you can rent cars and mopeds, as well as book excursions.

The area around Paleochora is a paradise for hikers. Whether you prefer a leisurely hike along the coast or a challenging mountain tour, Crete has hiking trails for hikers of all levels. Around Paleochora there are several hiking trails. The well-known hiking trail E4 also leads directly along here.

One of the many little sisters of the famous Samaria Gorge is the Anidri Gorge. The hike starts at the kafenion “Old School” café, right next to the tavern on the right. Passing a few houses, a chapel and many sheep, you always follow the small stream and the white dots painted on the rocks. The road will take you down to the sea. There is always enough shade and apart from a few places you have to climb over, this hike is rather a long walk. At the end of the trail, after a path lined with oleanders, you pass the parking lot and reach the beach bar at Anidri Beach. The trail is well signposted, about 3km long and takes 1 to 1.5 hours.

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